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What is a postpartum doula?

Often referred to as "mothering the mother," a postpartum doula works with families in the postpartum period to provide emotional support and evidence-based information on many aspects of newborn care such as breastfeeding, safe sleep, and soothing techniques.

Why do I need a postpartum doula?

Bringing a new baby home is hard! While you and your baby are getting to know each other you are also: recovering from childbirth, sleeping much less than you are used to, potentially taking care of older siblings, and so much more. Every baby presents unique challenges and a postpartum doula is specially trained to help you navigate those challenges.

What are lactation services?

As a certified lactation counselor I can help you to meet your breastfeeding goals. That includes breast/chest feeding, exclusive pumping, combo feeding, bottle feeding, and formula feeding. From helping to assess your baby's latch and positioning, to learning how to use your breast pump, to feeding multiples, and everything in between.

How can North Shore Doula Help?

* Non-judgmental emotional support

* Breastfeeding education

* Feeding support including bottle prep, pumping, and milk storage

* Newborn care including soothing techniques, swaddling, diapering, bathing

* Babywearing education

* Sibling adjustment​

* Errands and household organization

* Meal preparation and menu planning

* Resources and referrals

** I have been vaccinated against COVID-19; I am now offering both virtual and in-person services**

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Virtual Doula Packages

Tiny Feet

Hourly Doula Packages

Mother and Baby

Lactation Services

Package A: 4 1-hour virtual sessions (to be used within a 2-week period) $100

Package B: 6 1-hour virtual sessions (to be used within a 3-week period) $150

Package C: 8 1-hour virtual sessions (to be used within a 4-week period) $200

Package D: 20 hours of in person care (3 hour/day minimum) $700

Package E: 40 hours of in person care (3 hour/day minimum) $1400

A la carte hours: $35/hour (3 hour/day minimum)

Phone support: 1 week of unlimited texting and 1 phone call per day $50

A la carte hours: $80/hr (2 hour minimum)


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